Credit Insurance
Insurance to guarantee your credit
Borrower Insurance is an optional protection solution designed for your consumer credit. In the event of a claim, it will cover * the repayment of the outstanding capital or due dates.
Guarantees adapted to borrow with confidence
Because no one is safe from an unforeseen event (accident, sickness, unemployment ...), this insurance

protects you *, according to your age and your professional situation, in the following cases:
Total and irreversible loss of autonomy
Total Temporary Incapacity of Work
Loss of Employment following dismissal

With Borrower Insurance, you protect your family! Indeed, the insurance balance in full your loan in the event of death.

A simple and practical membership
You subscribe to your Borrower Insurance when applying for consumer credit. A health declaration is sufficient most often.

The characteristics of the Borrower Insurance
We offer insurance to guarantee the continuity of the payment of your monthly payments in case of work stoppage or loss of employment.

The risks covered by the Borrower Insurance
Borrower Insurance covers you * against the following risks:
Death, up to 80 years
Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy and Total Temporary Incapacity of Work Resulting from an Illness or an Accident, Up to Age 65
Loss of employment following a dismissal.

In case of loss of employment following a dismissal or Total Temporary Incapacity of Work, the Borrower Insurance, the insurance takes care of your credit dates, without taking into account what you perceive elsewhere (Social Security) .

Remember to present all the necessary administrative or medical proofs. A complementary examination, conducted with an independent doctor, may be required.

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Nobody is safe from an unexpected event.
Overnight, we can end up with expenses we do not expect.
If this is your case, you certainly want to find a convenient and quick way to solve the problem. A loan could be profitable for you.
Moreover, some loans are available in one day.
Online loan - only strong points!
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