investment bank

An investment bank is a bank, or a division of the bank, which gathers all the activities of consultancy, intermediation and execution relating to so-called "off-balance sheet" transactions (IPO, debt issuance). , merger / acquisition) of large corporate clients (companies, ...)

 The bank receives deposits from the public, collects savings, provides and manages means of payment and provides loans. The banker is an intermediary between you and your creditors.

Banks are essential to economic activity
The first function of banks is to collect savings and thus finance the loans

Banks are businesses or establishments that are habitually engaged in receiving deposits or otherwise using funds for their own account in discount, credit or financial transactions

The activities of the retail bank:
Collection of deposits, distribution of credits and management of means of payment are the main activities of the retail bank. Services and products of another nature (insurance, telephony, personal services, real estate ...) are more and more often proposed

A currency never goes out of its country of origin: the dollar has currency in the United States only, the Euro is current in the countries of the Euro zone only, etc. A European bank that wants to hold and exchange dollars will have to open an account in a US bank.

Banking law is the set of rules that govern bank operations and those that perform them in a professional capacity. Banking law is a professional right, it is the right of banking professionals. Banking law is both broader and narrower than credit law

A credit transaction can only be carried out by approved institutions, in accordance with the rules of the Monetary and Financial Code. This term refers to the promise of making available, then the release of funds, by a legal person (bank and similar), for the benefit of a legal or natural person.


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