Current account

A current account may be owned by an individual or a business and allows the holder to carry out all of their daily operations. In many cases, savings accounts are added to the current account.
The current account is the banking device used by the customer of a bank for its purchases, withdrawals and daily deposits. Most often, a current account is opposed to a savings account: it is often since the first that the second is fed when it comes to put money aside.
Open a current account
A current account can be opened at a conventional banking institution, an online bank. To open a current account, the client must sign an account opening agreement between him and the organization that will host the deposited funds. When opening his current account, the user will be given the corresponding means of payment (credit card, checkbook ...) and a bank account statement (RIB).
Close a current account
In banking, we talk about closing a current account when we want to stop the operations that are carried out. To complete this procedure, simply send a closing letter to his bank. Once this formality has been completed, the account holder must ensure that there is enough money to pay the transfers and other automatic transactions already registered. Once the debtor has been notified, the account holder must return to his bank all means of payment related to the account to be closed. The latter then has ten working days to close the current account.
(Bank details)
The RIB, for Bank Statement, is a document provided by the bank that allows the identification of the holder of a bank account. It consists of a series of numbers and / or letters organized in the following way: name of the bank and the agency, name of the account holder, bank code, branch code, account number and RIB key. The RIB is intended to be sent to a debtor or creditor to facilitate bank transfers or direct debits from or from a current account. In particular, the RIB makes it possible to avoid domiciliation errors.
The bank account statement is an essential part of the relationship between the customer and his bank.


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