Obligations of the bank

It is also up to the credit institution to reserve the granting of the personal loan to those who can afford it.
Every lender is obliged to consult the central bank's list to verify that the claimant is not subject to a banking prohibition or an over-indebtedness measure.
But the lender responds above all to an information obligation.
It has the duty to provide all necessary and useful information around the credit offer. Any loan for consumption must necessarily display the APR or annual percentage rate that includes the nominal rate but also all costs incurred by the credit, fees, contract, etc ...
The borrower will be able to accurately determine the overall cost of his future credit and compare offers in the best conditions.

Documents to provide
Credit without proof implies the collection of a number of documents to provide. Any request for a consumer loan is accompanied by:

A copy of his identity document, this may be either the identity card or the first page of the passport;
The last three statements of wages to justify the stability of the incomes, for the non-employees, they will be able to provide the last notice of taxation;
The bank identity statement to check the status of the borrower's finances but also to make the credit transfer soon;
A proof of address, an invoice in the name of the borrower that can be used.

The steps for a personal loan without proof
Subscription of a credit without proof implies the respect of some steps of which:

 Searching for the offer, in order to facilitate the search, we advise you to use a credit comparison tool that lists and sorts all the fast personal loan offers available so that you can find the best offer;
The editing of the file, this step is crucial to speed up the procedure, a complete and well ordered file will prove your seriousness and your involvement;
The study of the file, the credit agency will carry out a study as to your solvency to determine if you are eligible for the offer. The processing time varies according to the credit institution;
The granting of the credit, after all the checks, you will receive a response from the bank. If you meet all the conditions, you will sign the credit agreement and your account will be credited in the next hours.

Remember that from the signing of the contract, you have a withdrawal period of 14 days, during which time you have the opportunity to cancel the credit for any reason.

Do not hesitate and trust us to help you find a fast and easy credit adapted to your needs





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